• Now compiles to .NET 3.5 instead of 2.0
  • Added support for updating from the context menu
  • You can now return an object instead of a string, and CodeAnywhere will do a ToString on it before writing it back

Sorry I havent been around in a while. Thought Id stop by and release an awesome piece of software, CodeAnywhere.

Lets say you have this:


And then you press CAPS LOCK:


CodeDOM compiled the code and executed it. (Its C# code, by the way)


I wrote this on the train travelling to work everyday.

Install it here not supporting this anymore

Things to note:

  • It uses UI Automation to grab the text, so some apps wont work. Notepad and Wordpad definitely do though.
  • It's meant to set CAPS LOCK state to off when it starts. Some people have reported that it doesnt though. Comment below if this is you (state your OS please).