I'm going to be releasing one of my apps soon, it's called StartMenuEx.

Basically its a replacement startmenu, which is a lot more configurable, powerful and efficient. It was originally made in .net 1.1 but I moved over as soon as I saw how much more powerful .net2 is.

Also I submitted the idea here , so maybe I can win $10,000 doing what I was doing anyway. Won't that be beautiful.

Some features

  • MSN Messenger menu item, which lists all your messenger contacts which makes it much faster to open a chat window
  • RSS Feeds in your startmenu are always something I wanted. Now I have em
  • Menu item that show network computers in your domain/workgroup. This allows fast access to anyone connected to your LAN
  • Ability to hide the startbutton, and instead just click on a border of the desktop that you define (for example, two pixels space on the left side of the screen)
  • Add unlimited custom popup menus, with unlimited custom submenus etc etc....
  • Support for different menu setups, which are easy to make and will be made downloadable when I get a site up
  • Much more in the works!

Currently I am offering free copies to people who are willing to test it or give suggestions on how I could make it better. As there are already quite a few testers, I cannot promise you a free copy, unless I'm in a really good mood.